2016-2017 TLC Seminars

Seminar Descriptions

21st Century Skills for Teachers                                                                                                   

11/30/16     (New Member Teacher Series)     

This seminar is designed to address one of the NYS Teaching Standards’ priorities by helping teachers understand that knowledge is expanding at a more rapid rate than ever anticipated. Information and communication are changing how we teach and how students learn.   Routine skills are no longer the basis for the workplace or the classroom.  The seminar will emphasize that today’s students and teachers must be able to communicate, share, and use information in a number of diverse ways.  We will discover together that using information and solving complex problems as we adapt and innovate to a changing work environment is critical to student success in our world.  Technology and problem solving skills will be defined as successful learning and the participants will develop strategies to share those skills with their students. (2 hours)          

Addressing Aggressive Student Behavior in Schools                                                               

2/8/17      (Mid-Career SRP Series)     

Special needs students experience many benefits as well as challenges in the classroom. Some students may resist efforts of teachers and SRPs to support and guide them. This resistance may be shown in passive ways or in more aggressive ways, such as acting out, tantrums, or even throwing objects.  This seminar will focus on strategies for managing the behavior of students who demonstrate aggressive and disruptive behaviors.  Participants will discuss the need to teach students to take responsibility for their own behavior, review a plan for ensuring they have the knowledge and skills to successfully change their behaviors, and practice strategies for addressing specific misbehaviors. Confrontation strategies and strategies such as redirection, cause and effect, and overcorrection will be explored and practiced. (3 hours)                                             

Aim High: A Proactive, Positive Environment for Student Achievement                    

1/11/17      (New Member SRP Series)    

Closing the achievement gap among all students requires addressing all factors that influence their achievement and behavior including: classroom learning, school climate, and motivation theory. In this seminar, participants will learn that a positive educational environment is a major ingredient of effective schools. Participants will examine research-based techniques that empower “at risk” students, decrease problem behavior, and improve student achievement in general. When the environment is engaging, the likelihood for success is greatly increased. (2 hours)    

Autism Spectrum Disorder: Adjusting the Educational Image                                       

2/28/17      (Mid-Career Teacher Series)    

This training provides up-to-date information on the clinical and associated features of Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). Attention will be given to how these features manifest themselves and present unique instructional and learning challenges within educational settings.  The seminar goes beyond the core features of the disorders and covers evidence-based, proactive strategies for helping children and adolescents with ASD succeed in schools today. This workshop fulfills the state requirements for the 3 hour Autism training in the needs of students with Autism pursuant to Sections 3004(4) and (5) of the Education Law and Subpart 57-3 of the Regulations of the Commissioner of Education.  (3 hours)

Bully, Bullied or Bystander**                                                                                                      

4/19/17       (All SRP)

This seminar provides an overview of the Dignity For All Students Act and its impact on the school environment. It includes a definition of the various types of bullying, the roles and responsibilities of people involved in bullying-bully, victim, bystander-and strategies to help prevent or decrease bullying.  (3 hours)   

 **This seminar does not fulfill the Dignity Act (DASA) mandate.

Call to Action: Proactive Union Engagement in the Workplace and Community

3/22/17      (New Member Teacher Series)  (All Members) 

Call to Action: Proactive Union Engagement in the Workplace and Community (Common Sense for Economics) is designed for all workers (union or nonunion) to understand why this economy is not working for working people and that the economy is not inevitable, but is shaped by policy. The tool’s main goal is to immediately connect people to action and put participants in the driver’s seat to start changing the direction of this economy.  In addition, the program highlights the importance of labor-movements in history.  (2 hours)

Classroom Management                                                                                                       

10/5/16      (New Member Teacher Series) 

Learn how to establish a framework for developing a personal system of classroom management that includes organizing the classroom to facilitate learning for all students. This seminar will model and investigate several conditions that are integral to an effectively managed classroom. (2 hours)                              

Collegial Inquiry: A Focus on Protocols                                                                                        

1/24/17     (Mid-Career Teacher Series)     

Protocols are the vehicles for building the skills and culture necessary for collaborative teamwork and are a powerful opportunity to learn with and from one another within a collaborative environment. Protocols consist of agreed upon guidelines and work to build trust among team members by doing substantive work.  Protocols offer the opportunity for educators to engage in an insightful conversation about teaching and learning.  (3 hours)

Constructivist Teaching & Learning                                                                                            

12/14/16      (New Member Teacher Series)    

This seminar will address one of the priorities of the NYS Teaching Standards. Teachers must consider how each student learns. Understanding how what Constructivist Teaching and Learning means in the classroom.  Teachers must implement a variety of instructional strategies.  Participants will explore how students learn when they “build” the learning for themselves.   When students are asked to classify, analyze, predict and create, they begin to think critically and ask questions in order to understand the complex material presented to them in school and in the world. (2 hours)                                                                                


11/17/16     (Pre-Tenure Teacher Series)      

Co-teaching is a strategy that involves professionals working together in classrooms to improve student learning. However, considerable confusion still exists regarding its structure, administration, and effectiveness.  This seminar will offer those who are (a) developing co-teaching programs and/or (b) refining the quality of their programs, research-based information on how to create effective programs, address sustainability, conduct program evaluation, and discuss issues common in co-teaching.  (3 hours)

Creating a Positive Environment                                                                                                      

9/28/16     (New Member Teacher Series)     

A positive classroom environment is a major component of effective teaching. When students are comfortable in a learning situation, the likelihood for success is greatly increased.  This seminar will address verbal communication, positive phrasing, motivation theory, and learner needs.  Activities will help participants to integrate these topics in their instructional practices. (2 hours)                                                 

Cyber-Bullying: The New Age of Harassment**                                                                          

9/27/16      (New Member Teacher Series)https://tarrytownlearningcenter.com/new-member-teacher-series/

Advances in technology have radically reshaped the social landscape in which teachers and students find themselves. While there are many positive aspects of living in an increasingly wired world, cyber-bullying has emerged as a growing concern for children, schools, families and society.  Participants will understand what cyber-bullying is, its impact upon physical/psychological health of students and staff, and apply proactive strategies and solutions. (3 hours)                                                                                                 

**This seminar does not fulfill the Dignity Act (DASA) mandate.

Dealing with Difficult Students in the School Environment- Violence Prevention    

3/1/17      (Mid-Career SRP Series)   

This seminar will offer strategies for dealing with students who exhibit chronic and extreme misbehavior, including violence. Participants will learn what motivates students to misbehave, intervention techniques to use at the moment of misbehavior, how to avoid and defuse confrontations, and ways to reinforce desirable behavior. (3 hours)                                                                                                                          

Differentiated Instruction: Connecting with All Learners                                                  

12/1/16 and 12/8/16      (Pre-Tenure Teacher Series)   

This session raises awareness of research that supports instructional differentiation and examines the basic elements of two differentiation models. The seminar addresses the planning, teaching, and learning aspects of differentiated instruction that all teachers may experience. Connections between the NYS Learning Standards across content areas and the NYS Teaching Standards will also be explored.  (6 hours – two 3 hour sessions)                                                                                                                                                            

Disability Awareness                                                                                                                        

2/1/17     (New Member SRP Series)     

SRPs often work with students who are identified as having one of the thirteen disability categories. This seminar will provide participants with a general understanding of the thirteen disability categories and key concepts related to the education of students with disabilities.  Participants will experience what it is like to have a disability and learn strategies for improving student learning and behavior. (3 hours)                                              

Discipline Strategies                                                                                                               

9/29/16      (Pre-Tenure Teacher Series)

This seminar takes a comprehensive look at student-centered discipline and offers a plan of action for teachers who wish to establish a positive classroom learning environment. Teachers learn how to set expectations and design strategies to prevent discipline problems from occurring. (2 hours)

Educating English Language Learners in Elementary Classrooms 

12/6/16      (English Language Learners Series)    

Many elementary teachers are uncertain as to what to expect from English learners in their classrooms at different stages of verbal acquisition and proficiency levels. In this seminar, participants have the opportunity to investigate supports and modifications found successful at engaging the ELLs in learning.  Taking this knowledge to the next level, participants apply what was learned to lesson planning.  (3 hours)

Educators Valuing Diversity                                                                                                        

10/27/16      (English Language Learners Series)    

Educators Valuing Diversity is designed to promote awareness of our diverse society and the increasing global relationships we participate in. The program engages participants in discussing their values and assumptions and how both impact their interactions with students, parents and community.  It encourages the understanding of one’s own culture as the doorway to understanding other cultures.  (2 hours)

Engaging the Disruptive Student                                                                                           

11/29/16      (Mid-Career Teacher Series)    

What can you do when you have students who disrupt the learning your classroom? This seminar will discuss the many strategies to enhance personal effectiveness with disruptive students and get students’ learning back on track.  (3 hours)

Enhancing our Understanding of Students with Disabilities (SWDs) in a Standards-based Classroom                                                                                                                                

1/10/17      (Mid-Career Teacher Series)   

This seminar is intended for general education teachers who have students with disabilities (SWDs) in their classrooms. Participants will examine how to address the ELA/literacy and math instructional shifts by understanding the supports needed to ensure equal access to instruction.  They will also develop criteria needed for standards-based alignment of IEP goals that ensure student success within their classrooms. Each participant will need a copy of the NYS ELA/Literacy and Math Standards. (3 hours)

Guiding Struggling Readers                                                                                                                     

12/13/16      (Mid-Career Teacher Series)    

Becoming a competent reader and writer is essential for student success. The Balanced Literacy Approach begins with reading aloud and continues until students have developed the strategies to become independent readers.  Along the way, those students who are struggling with reading must be guided.  This seminar will identify the behaviors of struggling readers and suggest strategies needed to assist students in comprehending narrative and expository text.  This program will discuss strategies to improve student literacy.  Finally, how they can be implemented in classroom instruction to help struggling readers self-monitor their reading.  (3 hours)

Including English Learners: The Key to Academic Success                                                     

12/15/16      (English Language Learners Series)    

With so much attention focused on helping English learners meet grade-level expectations, teachers are looking for what works. In this seminar, participants explore four research-based recommendations to assist English learners in meeting the NYS Learning Standards.  For each recommendation, participants will see a real-life classroom example and experience a hands-on activity of how to apply the recommendations for different grade levels and content areas.  (3 hours)

Increasing Comprehension of ELLs                                                                                              

3/8/17      (English Language Learners Series)  

Many SRPs work with English Language Learners on a daily basis. The seminar helps SRPs to understand the NYS regulations for identifying and providing services to English Language Learners (ELLs), examine cultural factors that affect instruction for ELLs, and explore strategies for making academic content accessible to ELLs.  (3 hours)                                                                                                                                            

Instructional Supports for English Language Learners                                                                 

2/2/17 and 2/9/17     (English Language Learners Series)    

English Language Learners (ELLs) are the fastest growing student population in schools, and they must be considered when NYS ELA/Literacy and Math Standards are being implemented. Geared for general education teachers, this seminar will help participants design effective content-area instruction while they explore research-based strategies, instructional guidelines and resources for helping ELLs succeed.   ( 6 hours – two 3 hour sessions )                           

Our World, Our Students                                                                                                                

2/15/17     (Mid-Career SRP Series)      

This seminar helps SRPs become familiar with students’ cultural abilities and needs in order to create a more conducive learning environment. Educators will engage in discussions of the importance of involving all students in the learning process while demonstrating how they can use cultural connections to assist students in appreciating each other’s strengths.  (3 hours)       

Parent-Teacher Conference: Strategies for Success                                                                    

10/26/16 (New Member Teacher Series)   

The seminar uses videos, handouts and parent-teacher discussion points to help teachers prepare for a conference and to enhance communication among the teacher, student and parents. (2 hours)         

Positive Parent-Teacher Communication                                                                                  

10/20/16      (Pre-Tenure Teacher Series)    

This seminar engages educators in reviewing the benefits of having consistent and positive Parental/Guardian Involvement and Communication. The seminar will address the following topics: tips for developing positive relationships with parents, importance of effective and timely communication, communicating via phone, email, website (effective conversations v. unproductive ones), writing referrals, What are effective ways to have face-to-face conversations/conferences with parents.  (3 hours)

Reading Comprehension: Understanding Text Structures                                                    

2/7/17      (Mid-Career Teacher Series)    

Today’s high school students tend to be very good at identifying elements of the narrative and comprehending the story. However, when other text structures such as expository or cause and effect are utilized, many students struggle with comprehension.  This seminar analyzes six expository text structures and offers keys to developing the reader confidence students need to be successful in all subject areas.  (3 hours)

School-Related Professional Communication: Skills for Effective Speaking & Listening                                                                                                                                                

5/2/17      (New Member SRP Series)  (All SRP)

School-related professionals are required to master many skills. In this seminar, participants will learn to: identify the roles of an effective communicator; practice active listening skills that promote group collaboration; support and trust; recognize ways in which information is communicated non-verbally; and practice supporting skills for overcoming resistances.  (3 hours)                                 

SRPs’ Impact on the Learning Environment                                                                                  

4/5/17      (New Member SRP Series)  (All SRP)

This seminar will explore the relationships between administrators, educators, students, and para-professionals. The seminar will focus on the crucial skills needed to create a safe, welcoming learning environment and will highlight the impact para-professionals have in establishing the learning environment from the time students board the school bus in the morning until the time they are returned home at the end of the day.  (3 hours)

Strategies for Struggling Readers                                                                                                       

4/4/17      (New Member SRP Series)

Participants will become familiar with phonemic awareness, phonics, alphabetic recognition, and the role of the read-aloud. This seminar will focus on strategies and techniques to help students become successful readers. (3 hours)

Strategies for Student Engagement                                                                                             

10/6/16      (Pre-Tenure Teacher Series)   

This seminar addresses one of the most critical instructional practices upon which student success is based. Teachers new to the profession may be challenged in how to plan for this in their everyday teaching.  The seminar will focus on strategies that will help them sustain wonder, enthusiasm and perseverance.  This seminar will provide a practical model for understanding what our students want and need in their classrooms.  (2 hours)

Supporting Students with Autism                                                                                                    

1/25/17    (Mid-Career SRP Series)    

Ending the achievement gap between students with and without disabilities requires addressing the essential factors that can influence their success. This three-hour training provides up-to-date information on the clinical and associated features of Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs).  Attention will be given to how these features manifest themselves and present unique instructional and learning challenges within educational settings.  The seminar provides evidence-based, pro-active strategies for helping children and adolescents with ASDs succeed in schools today. (3 hours)

The ABCs of Being a Paraprofessional                                                                                      

10/19/16     (New Member SRP Series)     

In this seminar participants will identify the knowledge and skills they bring to their jobs, understand the roles and responsibilities of the SRP, compared to the classroom teacher, and gain knowledge of legal and ethical standards, including confidentiality.  (2 hours)                                                            

The IEP: Supporting Student Instruction                                                                                    

11/16/16      (New Member SRP Series)    

Being a school-related professional today requires many skills to become an integral part of school-wide success. In this seminar participants will become familiar with the special education process, terms/concepts, and learn what is in an IEP and how it impacts an SRP’s role in supporting student instruction. (2 hours)   

Understanding English Language Learners                                                                                      

11/9/16     (New Member Teacher Series)     

Today, there are more than five million English language learners (ELLs) in US schools representing more than 400 different language backgrounds. This seminar focuses on understanding the stages of verbal acquisition and identifying variables that influence the language acquisition process for ELLs.  Strategies that have been shown to successfully engage ELLs are examined and instructional and assessment accommodations are demonstrated.  (2 hours)

Understanding the Role of Formative Assessment                                                                      

1/12/17     (Pre-Tenure Teacher Series)    

The role of data literacy and summative and formative assessments in the classroom is a critical one. This seminar will help teachers understand these assessment methods and when to use them to gather accurate information about student achievement.  (3 hours)

Evaluation & Professional Growth

11/15/1     (Mid-Career Teacher Series)     

This seminar examines the personal benefits a teacher may gain through self-reflection of one’s teaching practice using a videotaped classroom lesson. By taking a critical look through the “eyes of an observer”, a teacher can personally assess his/her practice using any evaluation rubric.  This self-assessment helps teachers to distinguish levels of their effectiveness and document improvement in practice over time.  Through interactive activities, participants consider the planning required to capture evidence of one’s practice aligned to state teaching standards and identify WHAT aspects of their teacher practice they wish to capture on video along with HOW to best showcase in their classes, including artifacts.  (3 hours)

Winning Over the Challenging  Student                                                                                     

3/2/17, 3/9/17, 3/23/17, 3/30/17, and 4/6/17    (Pre-Tenure Teacher Series)    

Based on the work of Kay Burke, William Glasser, Robert Marzano, and others, this program identifies reasons behind students’ lack of motivation and commitment. Participants explore classroom activities and strategies that contribute to a more positive learning environment and create lessons that encourage students to make appropriate choices regarding their learning.  (15 hours)